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Statutory Notice Works

Statutory Notice Works by Bolton Roofing Contractors in Edinburgh

We provide building services for Statutory Notice Works throughout Edinburgh and Lothians. Please take a look at some examples of the roofing services we have completed for customers in the past.

Edinburgh Council
East Lothian Council
Fife Council

Bolton Roofing Contractors Ltd work in partnership with both clients & the Local Authorities involved, we have vast experience in working with the following:

We at Bolton Roofing Contractors Ltd realise that initialising & working with Statutory Notice works can be a very time consuming, indepth & drawn out process which results in a very daunting experience for some property owners.

WE CAN & WILL aid in all the process works by offering our proffessional & skilled expertise of over 40 years! of undertaking Statutory Notice Works to numerous properties within communal tenemants/stairs.

Bolton Roofing Contractors Ltd will:

  • Carry out a FREE site survey.
  • Provide a FREE quotation with copies to all the property owners upon request.
  • Liaise with both the client & the local authorities at all times.
  • Provide full administration support.
  • Provide full programme of works.
  • Provide direct contact with the site manager at all times.
  • Attend stair meetings in order to answer any queries / update / inform.
  • Where required, gain individual authorisation from each property owner to enable individual invoices being processed.
  • Provide Guarantees for all works carried out.

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